Monday, July 2, 2007

Do you have more idealistic dreams for your career? Want to be the next Angelina Jolie and travel to far away lands performing charity work?

A good site to visit if you have an altruistic nature is Idealist is one of the better sites that will hook you up with both paid and non paid not for profit jobs.

Search from over 10,0000 non profit organizations that offer paid and volunteer positions, some of them out of the country. Thats right, you don't necessarily have to join the US Navy to see the world!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Yesterday I wrote about Hollywood internships where you can get your foot in the door and meet some people and "network" with those who may be willing to give you your first paid position.

Today we're going to talk about the other end of the spectrum. Searching online for your first job. Now many of you are familiar with, Yahoo's and These sites are great in that they have tons of jobs but they are also very well known which means that there are a lot of potential job seekers looking at those ads.

To you that spells COMPETITION. And what you want is to increase your chances of getting hired which means less competition. So here's an idea. Try the smaller job websites. Those sites have less visitors and perhaps less jobs but that means less competition for you! And we've already agreed that this is what you want. To increase your chances of getting hired.

So today, you might want to check out is a well put together site that focuses on hourly (read perfect for someone without alot of experience) adventures. Simply enter your zipcode and they will neatly list the positions available.

They have some great articles about summer job hunting and have good advice articles. Good luck and drop us a line to tell us what you think of the site.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

first job

My first job paid $2.90 an hour at a retail store.

I learned a lot about store security. What I remember the most was to make sure the hooks of the hangers were hanging opposite each other on the rounders, so that thieves could not run in, grab a handful of hanging clothes and run out the door.

Little tricks of the trade !!

Internships in Hollywood

Internships in hollywood are infamous. Many a movie industry mogul have started as interns in the mailroom only to climb the Hollywood ladder to fame and fortune.

The good thing about internships is you get a chance to learn more about a company and industry in addition getting to know the people at that company.

The downside is many internships are not paid.

In any case, today is your lucky is a recent list of Hollywood internships (mostly non-paid) which can give you the inside track on permanent jobs.

INTERNSHIPS (Film, Television & Marketing)

  • Talent management company is looking for new intern to start ASAP. The company manages actors, writers and directors in film and television, and develops features and TV series. Must be organized with excellent computer and phone skills, and have the ability to juggle various duties in a fast-paced environment. Opportunity for advancement. Must have college degree or be currently enrolled. E-mail cover letter and resume to and put “Intern” in the subject line. 5/30
  • Busy wardrobe stylist / clothing designer is seeking interns those who are interested in learning more about the fashion business. This is an unpaid internship. Candidate must possess strong organizational skills, be computer literate, and exceptionally adept at online research. We are looking for someone who thinks quickly, and can handle time constraints well. Candidates can send resumes to or 5/30
  • Literary Management company looking for intelligent and creative interns to work 1-2 days/week (Tues/Thurs). In addition to light general office duties (answering phones, filing, faxing), interns are expected to read and evaluate scripts and occasionally write coverage. Interest in lit. management a big plus. Please email resumes to, with "Office Internship" in subject line. 5/30
  • Mid-Sized Management Company seeks highly motivated, intellectually curious INTERN to Producer and Literary Manager with A-List clients. Job description involves general office duties, answering phones, reading and analysis of scripts. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to become a Producer and/or Manager. Access to Writers, Directors, and Talent while working in a fun environment. No Industry experience required. Please email resume to 5/30
  • Worldwide film production, finance and sales company based in West Hollywood seeks interns interested in learning about global theatrical marketplace. Focus is on presales, financing, and festivals. Part-time and full-time welcome. Business school students encouraged to apply. Should be Mac capable and have excellent office skills including Microsoft Office. Must be receiving credit. Send resume to 5/25
  • Mace Neufeld Productions, an A-List TV/Film production company in Beverly Hills, seeks motivated, creative interns for the summer. Duties are script reading, coverage, clerical work, researching for projects, and occasional errands. Company credits include: The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and The Sum of All Fears. For academic credit only. E-mail resume and cover letter to: 5/23
  • Los Angeles Production/Management Company looking for unpaid interns. Two/Three half-days a week, two to three month commitment. You will be sending submissions, covering scripts, and helping with general office management. A small, laid-back office that presents a great opportunity to learn all aspects of the biz. E-mail cover letter and resume to 5/23
  • As in previous summers, Lawrence Gordon Productions (Die Hard, 48 Hrs, Field of Dreams, The Warriors, Boogie Nights, Hellboy, Tomb Raider, Predator, Waterworld, the upcoming Hellboy 2 and Watchmen) is sponsoring internships, with an emphasis on script analysis, during June, July and August. Resumes should be sent via e-mail to 5/23
  • Seeking interns for Talent/Music Management Company with touring bands, recognizable clients and multiple TV, film, reality and new media projects in stages of production and development. Looking for someone to assist in general administrative duties who can handle our high pressured, multifaceted and fun environment. An excellent opportunity to experience the crossover and converging media worlds. Position is unpaid but do provide college credit. Resumes to 5/23
  • Larchmont Literary Agency, a boutique literary agency, is looking for unpaid interns. Duties would include reading, phones, scheduling and office work. Great opportunity to get a broad understanding of industry and a great place to gain an understanding as to how features are developed, set up and produced. Deal mostly with features (studio and independent) and some TV projects. Interested parties should send an inquiry and a resume to 5/23
  • Busy, Japanese-based Film production company seeks bilingual Japanese/English Interns. Student must receive school credit to qualify. No pay. Interns assist in picking American remakes from film library, script coverage, research, and office work in feature and TV development, finance, international business affairs and acquisitions. Email resume to or fax to 818-455-8439 Attn: Frank. 5/23
  • The Johnson-Roessler Company, a Santa Monica-based independent filmed entertainment company, is looking to hire interns. Duties include but not limited to: script reading, coverage, research, basic office management tasks. Applicants should have a strong interest in the area of development. Please email resumes to 5/18
  • Independent repping firm seeks interns interested in learning about the sales side of advertising. We match high end advertising projects with the talent to make them happen. Ideal candidate should possess phenomenal phone skills and a friendly, outgoing demeanor, be Mac savvy, detail-oriented, proactive, and a creative “outside the box” thinker. This is a PAID internship, 15 hours a week. Send resumes to with Intern in subject line. 5/18
  • Un-paid internship offers students a chance to earn college credit while supporting this new TV/Film production company based in Studio City. Typical Responsibilities include: light phones, copying, filing, faxing, research and errands. Energetic, can-do attitude a must. The ideal candidate will: have strong interpersonal skills, be computer savvy, exceptionally organized and detail oriented. Driver’s license is required. Must be receiving college credit. Please fax resume/cover letter to: 818.980.8115 or email 5/18

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Not a good first job...

My First Job

I can still remember walking into the empty office around 3pm on a gloomy May afternoon. There was a long row of beat up folding tables stretched out in an "L" shaped room. Off to the side was what appeared to be a conference room that doubled as an office with a glass window situated such that the inhabitant could survey the rows of telephones scattered about the tables. In all, there were at least 40 old style flesh and black colored push button phones sitting idle on the bare table top in front of empty folding chairs, none ringing.

As I walked into the errily empty room, I took comfort in the fact serial killers don't usually work out of offices. In the conference room/office was a blond man about 6 foot 2 with blue eyes and wavy hair. He looked like a surfer.

In an awkward voice I notified him I was there for an interview. I had conveniently found the ad for a telephone marketer in the local paper. Minimum wage it said. Since I had no experience and no knowlege of how else to make money other than giving blood, I thought I could as least try talking on the phone for a living.

He gave me a cockeyed smile and asked if I knew who the Monterey Park Police were. Now I had never been arrested as a youth so I wasn't intimately aware of who they were but the black and whites did cruise down the street every now and then.

In a very tired but authoritarian voice he says to me "We work for the Monterey Park Police Association. There's a rodeo on July 4th. We sell tickets. Read this."

He half heartily offered a piece of paper with about 5 sentences on it.

Clearing my throat for a command performance, in my best deep cheesy radio voice I offer: "Hello, My name is Chris_______. I am calling on behalf of the Monterey Park Police Association to invite you to the Rodeo and Fireworks show on July -" and he abruptly cut me off.

"Thats good. Minimum wage. You have to sell 20 rodeo tickets a night in four hours. Be here at 5pm ready to smile and dial."

That in a nutshell was my first job. Oh I managed to learn all the tricks. How to slam my hand down on the receiver so that it would pop up in my hand. How to interrupt a person at dinner time in a polite but firm way. But most of all I learned confidence and the ability to talk to strangers and accept rejection. You guessed it. I ended up selling 20+ tickets a night.